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Vaahan Yatra & Furniture Show

collage Saturday evening. I decided to check the twin exhibition happening in the city. Vaahan Yatra ( Auto show) and The Furniture show. Both the exhibition are under the same roof at Palace Grounds , Bangalore.

Being weekend , it was a well attended event. Maruti , Tata , Hyundai , Honda , Skoda and Fiat were there with their latest offering for India. To be frank , the show was more like a multi car showroom , with all manufacturers displaying one or two of their latest car on the road. Definitely not the scale of true auto show. Yamaha and Suzuki were also present with their motorbikes and each with one of the model from their international higher range along with their models from the Indian staples. Apart from these , there were stalls of the motor accessories , not very impressive again but enough for the crowd to laze around a weekend evening. Chameleon cars also showcased few of its modified cars. Oh there were also on display some skull headed motorbikes and I also heard a lady telling her hubby “ but who is going to ride this skulls on road? I doubt anyone”. Check it out in the pictures.
[nggallery id=3]From the mini auto show , I moved on to the furniture show. Well , they should have named it Interiors show since furniture was not the only things on display. Apart from the various designs of doors, cupboards , cots , dining tables and sofa sets there were some good display of interior decoration stuffs. From artifacts made out of marble to wood and bronze and 40 Kg made in silver swings ! I wanted to take the picture of the made in silver swings , silver dining table and chairs but the guy who manned the stall said photography prohibited. The price for the 40 Kg silver swing was around 12 Lakhs ! He said it was lacquer polished with a coating to make sure the silver does not blacken. Interesting. Then there were some good piece of arts in marble  , bronze and wood.
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