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Poltergeist mystery haunts a girl

There was an interesting article in Deccan herald newspaper a couple of days ago that set my thoughts again on the mysteries of life .

1160059_64625194The story reported the trials and tribulations that  a 12 year old girl Julie Baitha faces almost every other day. The mystery in this case is over the past two and a half years , most of her shoes , books , clothes , slippers are torn into shreds under mysteriously circumstances. Who does it ? what does it ? Why it happens ? how it happens ? There is no answer to it but just to label it under the term supernatural occurrences.

Her family is puzzled and not to mention the trauma the girl goes through. Initially , the parents thought it was a mischief of the girl and they scolded her . When the girl pleaded her innocence , they had safely kept the clothes into a box only to find later that part of them had been torn into shreds . Since then the trauma and the mystery continues now and then , with her clothes , books , stationary items all been torn into shreds.

Talk about life , universe and its unexplained mysteries !

Apparently Julia Baitha is not an isolated case . There have been incidence of such mysterious supernatural stories from various parts of the world in various communities and cultures. Events we have no scientific answers to explain. Theist may attribute it to ghosts , Satan or God. Atheist may try their best to give a scientific reason to it but then deep inside i bet must be left scratching their head . Science is yet to catch up with lots of things in our life and universe ! Agree ?

Source > Deccan herald

Poltergeist :

Such supernatural events has been denoted by the term poltergeist. The term is derived from German poltern, meaning to rumble or make noise, and Geist, meaning "ghost” or "spirit" . As the derivations implies , people thought such phenomenon are the handiwork of “ghosts” .

While some section of people believe that this mysterious physical disturbances are caused unknowingly and unconsciously by the mental forces of the people involved in this phenomenon. ( like Julia Baitha in the story mentioned in the beginning ) The mental mechanism that allows the poltergeist agent to unconsciously cause these physical disturbances is called psychokinesis.

Some interesting patterns and points noted in the poltergeist studies are :

  • Most phenomenon generally lasts few weeks and some as long as 18 months. There are instances of rare lengthy cases too.
  • Most of the agents or the people associated with this phenomenon experience it during their adolescence stage. Age range being 12 or 13 to early 20’s . This gives a school of thought associating the occurrences to the mental disturbances or flare up of mental force during the confused and stressful period of growing life. The age pattern is only a general pattern and there are reported cases of people of older ages involved.
  • Some analysts of the psychokinesis have the view point that the patterns found in the disturbances are generally symbolic and can be associated with the unresolved stress experienced by the agent or people associated with the phenomenon. They say , like dreams , the physical disturbances appear as the metaphors to the causes of the stress. For example , anger can be associated with the outbreak of mysterious fire in some cases or breaking objects , appearances of water mysteriously in some cases can be associated with grief (tears) , anger towards some people could be the reason for breaking of objects they like etc.

Whatever the reason it could be , the bottom line is there are many mysteries in this world that remains unexplained. Until we unravel them , world would be divided into theist and atheist camp. Till then it is a stalemate scenario.

So which camp are you in ?

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  1. Ambi

    Lakshmi Rajan, one does not require a classification as theist or atheist for believing in what is usually termed as ‘paranormal’.

  2. Phoenixritu

    I have heard about a mysterious stone throwing that recurs in a person’s house every 3 years, like clockwork in August. The family is really confused about this 3 yearly ritual

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