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Premonition – A Mystery

Other day I was having a general talk with my friend. What he said about one of his colleague baffled me. His colleague seems to be having some extra sensory power , if what he said is to be believed.

His colleague apparently has a power to foresee some incidence -Premonition. She at times dream of some incidence or some flash of thoughts occur about some events that so far has come true. In fact , she told him that she is scared of such visions she gets since , most of them were related to negative events.

Some of the incidence that she had foreseen :

Once , she had a glimpse of her uncle , whom she has not seen for 10 years or so. This uncle was in a financial difficulty and always sported a beard. On one particular night , he appeared in her dream fully shaved and in white clothe. She was intrigued of why she has to dream about him. Immediately she called her native and asked her mother about the uncle. What her mother said surprised her. Seems like , morning the uncle visited her mother wearing a white clothe and asked her some money so that he can shave ! The same day , evening she got a call from her mother saying the uncle died..

Similarly , she has vision of her father’s death also before that happened

One day she had a vague dream about her brother in train and something happened.. next day her brother called up saying he was travelling in train, slept in the journey and missed his destination station , when he woke up in the next station he found his mobile phone stolen

One day she was taking her child to school , all of a sudden she had a thought what to do if her granny is not well , should she take her child with her to home town or leave it with someone at home .. After sometime , she received a call : her granny had expired

It’s not always unpleasant event that she gets visions.

One day her ex-colleague visited her at office. Immediately when she saw him , she got a vision that some has gifted a green sari to his wife and she is wearing the green color sari and moving around at home. Now that person has married a Russian girl and she does not wear sari usually. So they made a joke about her and teased her , when she said this vision . Evening he called her and said in a surprised words that when he returned home , he saw his wife in green sari and his mother had gifted that sari to her !

The latest vision she got is of a dead body that people found somewhere in her neighborhood . She is scared , since then.

I was amazed listening to all of this. What could be the scientific explanation to premonition ? I guess , scientist have no answer for this. They may rub it of as coincidence . A series of events foreseen like this cannot be coincidence. Science has lots of unexplained mysteries and one of it is what my friend narrated.

Premonition or Precognition as parapsychologists says is derived from the Latin word “praemonere” meaning to warn in advance and the person who has the premonition is the percipient. I am still wondering what explanations could be there for premonitions ? Anyone has any answers ? Or any such incidence to share ? … Please let me know ..

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  1. Johnny

    Well there are many things in this world that are still to be explained. We have not yet understood dreams also.

    One simple explanation I can think of is that most of us continuously think -ve(sometimes +ve) thoughts about 1000s of things all the day! One of them can match with the future. The more diverse the topics the more chances of one of them coming true.

    Most of us forget about things that we think all day so even if it matches we dont recall thinking about it. While some other people are able to recall about their thoughts they had all day and hence can relate it to happenings.

    I am not denying of some supernatural thing that may happen but I wanted to give a more rational theory.

  2. omsherryom

    In our lifetime we have seen and heard about abilities of person to see future, of curing persons of fatal diseases and many things that we consider miracles. surely there is something that starts where the SCIENCE ends.

  3. Ambi

    Several times, while driving on the road, I can almost tell when a vehicle in front of me is about to make a sudden turn or brake suddenly. Call it ‘road sense’… but I feel it in my nerves when something like that is about to happen.

  4. Shas

    For quite sometime i have been contemplating about writing a post on this topic but somehow kept delaying it. Even i have a weird kind of a gift or 6th sense n its quite painful coz i can sense death or tell if am going to receive some death news.

  5. Gyanban

    Interesting post.

    I think premonition is possible for anyone. IT is a question of how you become sensitive to your instinct.
    The trouble with premonition is when the stakes are high – it becomes increasingly difficult to listen to the inner voice instead of the facts and figures tangibly present.
    I had captured a real incident in a story… see if you find it interesting…

  6. Anney

    My instinct is quite sharp, I can tell what someone close to be is thinking, sense something negative before hand( I see dreams on them) and most of all know when something positive is on the bend…..Wierd nah! The funny thing is i thought everyone had it.

  7. Phoenixritu

    Every one has intuition, but a lot of us do not perceive anything but the obvious. Its just a question of tuning your brain to perceive it. However, it has to be noted that most people with active ESP have psychiatric problems.

  8. jaspreet singh

    @ls i believe,
    it happens.I fear to share but i have experienced a lot of it.
    i firmly believe in this.

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