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Kambakht Ishq – A Review

kambakht-ishq_akshay-kumar_kareena-kapoor___86209 Direction : Sabir Khan

Cast : Akshay Kumar , Kareena Kapoor , Aftab Shivdasani , Amrita Arora

Music : Anu malik

Production : Sajid Nadiadwala

After the big budget disaster in the form of Chandini chowk to China , I hoped Aksh hay kuma would have learnt a bit of lessons and would come up with a better formula in Kambaqt Ishq – well , it was my earnest hope since I like Akshay Kumar but … *sighs*

Sajid Nadiadwala had left no stones unturned , spending lavishly , roping in Hollywood stars for guest appearances oh news is that he got the same bike that Tom Cruise used in Mision impossible for one particular scene , 100 horses and 200 extras dressed as roman soldiers in yet another scene and not to forget a 1500 $ or so bikini for Kareena ! Sadly , he could have paid a bit of attention on the story and script too.

Akshayji kya hogaya ? You are a big star now . You can dictate your terms in the film industry but then why sign mindless crap like this ? Kareena kapoor looks so unconvincing and in spite of the costly bikini and other sexy outfits she cuts a sorry figure. My wife quipped Amrita arora looks much better than Kareena ! The biggest wastage of talents comes in the names of Javed Jaffrey and Boman Irani. I am still wondering why the hell did they sign this movie ? Is money all about even after you have established yourself as a talented artist ? It’s unfortunate if that has to be.

Viraj sherjil ( Akshay Khanna ) is a stunt man in Hollywood. Lucky Sherjil ( Aftab shivdasani ) is his brother who falls in love with Kamini ( Amrita arora) whose friend is Simrita ( Kareena Kapoor) Now , Viraj and Simrita are both against the concept of marriage and hates the opposite sex respectively. Lucky and Kamini goes to the stage of divorce thanks to Viraj and Simrita’s advice and egos. Simrita is a part time model and a medical student. In her maiden surgery as surgeon , she stitches the patient’s stomach along with her watch piece. No guess , the patient is Viraj. So she acts as if she is in love with him just to sedate him , operate and take out the watch ! But Viraj falls in love with her but only to be left shattered after knowing the fake love acted out by Simrita. To teach her a lesson , he agrees to marry Denis Richards the hot leaad actress of Hollywood who is in love with him and wants to make golden babies ! On the day of marriage , Simrita gets love gyaan and saves Lucky and Kamini’s marriage as well as win backs her lovey boy ! Inbetween and throughout the movie , you can see flesh , flesh and more fleshes and also yes lip locks of Akshay and Kareena . Oh ya , you can also see how we can waste a Hollywood mega hero like Sylvester Stallone after making him to a guest apperance ! He does a fight to save bebo and also utters "kambaqt Ishq" . If Sajid Nadiadwala think that would be enough for Indian audience to go ga ga for the movie , Sorry bhai ! we will rather watch Rambo series at home in Dvd.

Everything and everyone got wasted in this movie. From artists to unnecessary splurge of money. The dialogues are horrible and cheap. I lost count of the number of times Akshay called Kareena "bitch" !

If I am forced to choose something good about the movie , I would say the songs "Om mangalam" and "Bebo" but you can listen to these numbers rather than watching it on theatre.

The movie is a pathetic mega budget remake of the Kamal hassan starrer Tamil film “Pamal K Sambandam”.

Verdict : Mindless Crap. A big NO NO

0 04 July, 2009 Movies July 4, 2009

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  1. omsherryom

    oooooopssssssssss!!! i’m still to dekko te movie…
    but still the fact is that its a money-making machine for the industry, surpassing even the Ghazini opening week!!!

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