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NewYork – A Review


Direction : Kabir Khan

Cast : John Abraham , Neil Nitin Mukesh , Irfan Khan , Katrina Kaif.

Music : Pritam

Production : Yash Raj films

Goodbye Bollywood film strike and enter the big ticket releases ! New York is the first of the big movies lined up to test the waters post IPL , post strike. I was eagerly awaiting for the movie especially for Neil , John and Katz , all bundled together for the first time ! They bring a whiff of fresh air in the screen and so much before the movie release I made up my mind to watch it.

The story of New York is not the typical bollywood masala flick that we are used to. At the same time , it is not an experimental movie also. Director , Kabir Khan , has attempted a fine blend of commercial movie sans the paan , khan , Kaandan , screaming glitz and glamour that stamps a bollywood movie. So can we call it the new genre “Multiplex” movie ? Well , partly yes but then cannot be fully rated in that genre too.

Coming back to the movie , the stage is set in the mega city of New York. The story is about how the events post 9/11 , affects three lives , who were close buddies during their college. Neil , John and Katz are the three pals , who find their life torn apart coz of series of events. Irfan Khan dons the role of FBI investigator. How the Muslim identity conflicts in the alienated world , post 9/11 and how even a normal citizen is drawn into a web of suspicion and trauma makes the story of the movie. All the three lead protagonists of New York are Muslims and each one is affected by the 9/11 incident to various degrees in their life. The best part of the movie though is it does not scream the regular rhetoric of religion and vilify anyone. As Irfan Khan sums up at the end , no one is at fault but the time we are in , still there cannot be any justification for terrorism. The much publicized nude scene of John Abraham is aesthetically done and it blends very well with the plot and one don’t even realize that this is the nude scene much talked about and written prior to the movie release.

Omar ( Neil ) joins the Newyork state university where he befriends Maya ( Katz) and Samir (John) , They become good friends, with Omar slowly falling in love with Maya but then Maya has someone else in mind . Yes , your guess is right ! Dejected , Samir Neil moves out of New York and is out of touch with Maya and Samir but world has changed since 9/11 and the post events of it brings the three friends together again not by chance but scheme of things. Why , how , am not saying it . Its worth going to hall and watch it atleast once !

The music of the movie is by Pritam. I heard “Hey Junoon” is copied from an indonesian song by name “Naruli Lelaki” . Nevertheless , controversies apart , Hey Junoon is a hummable number but nothing justifies terrorism and copying ! Atleast Pritam could give credit to the original composers next time.

Technically , the movie is well shot , editing is good too. Back ground music could have been bit more gripping.

In short, Good attempt by Kabir Khan and a relief from the ridiculous bollywood over dose we are fed with !

Good to watch . Do watch !

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  1. Ratnesh

    Very good review. Looks like a professional work. Really. Not that you were able to convince me to watch it but the style and the layout of the article speaks for itself.

    Good luck.

  2. Johnny

    Nice and well thought out review. I never can give this much thought to a movie and most of the time I cannot remember the next day what the story was.

    By the way how do you know the editing is good? :O I mean people who are very familiar with film making can comment on it. How did you know? :O

  3. colors

    I really liked the overall look and feel of your site. good luck.
    Always an honest visitor, after all i started liking the concept of blogging from Xpress Coffee.

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