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Shiney Ahuja – All that Shines are not Gold !

shiney ahujaShiney Ahuja. I liked him as an actor for his performances in movies like Gangster , Woh Lamhe . Here was an refreshing talent in a field dominated by star kids. So I liked him till he lost all his glitters in the last few days.

The star was arrested on the charges of raping his maid. Kudos to the girl for filing the complaint . Medical tests have proved a sexual intercourse and much have been talked about the case. Some say it was rape , some allege it could have been a consensual sex but later twisted by the maid as rape. I was shocked to read how Shobha de , the celebrity writer has put her views on this incident in her blog

And now this mess! Am hoping against hope the maid is a conniving b**** and not a helpless sexual victim of a star’s passing fancy.

– Shobha de in her blog

Disgusting ! Least expected from a writer like Shobha de ! Well , then if the role had been reversed say ,  an actress was raped by a maid then there would have been a big hue and cry on the degradation of the civic morality .. blah blah ! Ms.Shobha De , your book “ Super star India “ was next on my reading list and you made a super flop impression with your this comment !

Coming back to the rape case , I am not going into theories of rape or consensual sex , what matters is-  here is a guy who is married and have a child too . He has a reputation and a highly visible career still he ventured into an act that could lead to a big mess. Now his wife is defending him that he is innocent and framed ! I wonder how come he is innocent and framed when the medical reports clearly states sexual act !!! Or does she feel it that a married man to have sex outside is absolutely innocent ?!!!! She makes a typical patni (wife) of Indian TV Serials supporting her husband come what may !

Other than this high profile rape case , there were few other rape cases reported also of a British girl raped in Himachal Pradesh , a house wife raped in a running SUV in Bhopal and also a teenage girl raped in Surat ! God where is the world heading to ?

Indian judiciary definitely needs a dusting and revamping. Perpetrators of heinous crimes like rapes should be severely punished. Fast track court to deliver speedy judgment and nothing short of severest punishment only could reduce the increasing number of such crimes. The fact that there is an increase in number of wild and seriously deviant men prowling in our cities and towns should be strongly taken note of and checked. Government is making effort to bring the women reservation bill in cabinet for active political participation of women . I welcome the decision but amending the laws to bring severe punishment for crimes against women would be easier done first than implementing the long pending women bill . Anyone hearing ?

To the best of my knowledge , according to current Indian Penal code , most of the perpetrators of rapes are awarded 7 years of imprisonment. Even the final judgment comes after many long years and most of them find loopholes to getaway. 7 years of imprisonment for rape is silly . When a girl who is traumatized by the crime has to carry the scar through out her life , the perpetrators find their way out in 7 years . Ridiculous ! I would say a complete full life term in seclusion with no parole in between or even a capital punishment should be awarded and that could keep potential perpetrators stay away.

Only  a strong judiciary , speedy delivery of justice and a tough and vigilant police and law could detest people with streak of violence from venturing into any such cruel acts. Media should also highlight the social disgrace ,  that perpetrators and their immediate family would undergo out of such acts so that men with even the slightest streak of such thoughts would refrain from indulging it.

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  2. shelina patel

    very well written, I absolutely agree with you. I am shocked that Shobha De actually said those words. I really admired that lady, but no more. Its true that a woman is a woman’s worst enemy. Anyways, I hope that justice is served and Shiney Ahuja pays for what he did.

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