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Lost & Found

Well….it’s actually like this, I lost it & found it. The object in discussion is my wallet. It all started with my mind again & again telling me that I should surprise Raj my hubby by coming early to home. That too ‘cos i was dying of guilt that i couldn’t accompany him to doctor for his eye checkup. He was at aunt’s place,after he had visited the doctor. So morning the second thing (first was checking the emails and fretting & fuming on all the things I had to finish today) i did was updating my manager of all the circus which was happening in his eye and told him flat that i will leave on time. Yeah! leaving on time mean leaving early as per finance team standards. 🙂

So there i was, shooting down the last email from my Lotus notes, i had shut down the PC, click – click the sound went and i logged out of the phone and closed the drawer, took put the change for bus, exchanged some stupid verbal repartee with my colleagues (specially Harish with whom i am like tom & jerry in fight) & sharath (who always gets scolded by me), Beena Ma’am who was standing there with a winning smile at the fact that a female member in the team is heading home on time! I loaded my self with my pitthu bag (very close to me, after all my bro gave it to me ;)) and handbag and change clutched in my left hand. I prefer to keep my right hand free of all hassles lest I need to slap anyone 😛

I marched proudly out of the office, I saw my finance controller seeing me going out of the office. I wish my VP would have seen me going out but alas! Man proposes & God disposes. Never mind that. Finally i walked in quick session to the bus stop after juggling all traffic and boarded the bus, bang on! After all, it was just the next stop. I didn’t know the fare so i handed 10 rs. note to the conductor. He cribbed on change so i checked the fare and gave him 3 Rs. I reached my stop and got down but wait, i am feeling very light. God, did I lose kgs in those 6-7 mins! Nah! my handbag is lighter, thats the reason my arm is light and immediately i realise, yes I have reached my stop minus my wallet. Still, as usual the human mind wants to believe that nothing wrong can happen to us, it’s always the other person at receiving end. With cold hands i opened my handbag and yes, true, my small wallet was gone. The maroon color wallet was missing in action! Everything else was there. It was all in just those 6-7 minutes, I mean it was as if it just vanished into thin air. I called Harry Potter (harish) in office to check if I had left the wallet on desk. He said no. So i rushed to the bus on red light to find out the girl who had held my wrist to check the time because she didn’t understand the time when i said it is 6:30. She was not there so i noted the bus number, pulled out the cheque book and called the citibank. No da! not to complain but block the ATM card. In between of traffic, i disconnected and called my hubby and told what has happened. He was all agitated and shouting and i was all in same mood telling him why just can’t you console me instead of shouting and advising me.

So I said, you come out and we are going right away to home. He came looking for me and found me haggling with the citibank to block the card. All said & done, we started walking to aunt’s home and i was explaining him all the circus that happened. We were making all permutations & combinations, i guess to give some comfort to each other. Phew! Aunt didn’t even know that I am coming and Raj had just rushed without telling them. So we went back, sat and narrated all this. Meanwhile, my mind was going back to my PAN card, I am still not sure why. So as a good and responsible citizen we decided to report this to the nearest police station and take the copy of FIR for reapplying the PAN Card. I am still not sure as to how many actually do so. Rajan’s cousin came and we 3 headed for the police station. On the way I lost the charm to find the lost wallet but got excited to see the Police Station. I have never been to one 😀

So, there we went searching for the right person who would file our FIR. The lady police constables heard our story and after listening patiently packed us to the next floor where the big boss was there. The moment we started, he had his own story to tell. He went on & on & on, I was almost on the verge of telling,”hang on, we are here to solve our problem and not yours!” But good ol’ police uncle, he said he will arrange for the acknowledgement so that we can go and file for the reissue of PAN Card and Bank Card. So quickly we retrieved a white sheet with the help of another person and wrote the story telling that I have lost my card. Again, we went to aunty police, she asked us to get the photocopy of the complain. As Kanna went to get the copy of the complain, myself & Rajan gazed around the police station. I think I was really happy to see the Police Station, reasons all unknown. Oh Yes! we even saw two culprits in one corner, almost in the manner they show in movie. Hey but there was no lock up 🙁 , how much I wish it was there. Any ways, Kanna came back with the copy. We handed the documents to aunty police. Now she started reading the complain. I was worried, what if she asks us to revise. But thank God, she signed the copy and put the thappa on that and kept the original.

We quickly rushed out, we were eager to get to the bus stop thinking that whosoever had picked the wallet could have thrown after taking the money! But then in dark at 8:30 how do you expect it to find it. So we headed home. We wanted to buy some medicines. As I got down the bike, I told Rajan that I have a feeling, i will get back my wallet back. He said leave it, now it is gone. As i was looking at the shampoos, choclates and all colored items in the store, i heard a ring. I am so good at missing calls at night, you see! I quickly checked the phone, it showed a strange number. By the time I could reply, it was disconnected. As I was thinking whether to call back or not, it rang again.

“Hello”, it said, “Hello”, I said.

“Divya Sharma?”


“Madam, aapka purse auto mein rah gaya tha, peeche ki seat par.” “ Maine dekha or dhoondha toh aapko call kar raha hoon”

After hearing this, thousand questions hit me at one time and quickly the conversation was completed. I took the directions to his place, checked his name and eagerly rushed out of the medical store. Rajan called Kanna and it was decided to throw me back at home and they both will go and get the wallet. I was again back to calculations, as to how he found the number, how come my wallet reached his auto! I was like, oh full gang, eh? Raj quickly dropped me home, I asked him to hand back the ipod, lest they get into trouble after all it was just a few days old :D, gave him the jacket, it was about to rain. I waited patiently, keeping my fingers crossed that they both should be back safely, what if there is a whole gang waiting there to hit them. As time went by, he called on landline. They got back the wallet. Abdul (the auto driver) found in the back seat. A lady and a man had boarded the auto from the stop where I got down. They got down at CMH Roa
d in Indiranagar. It could have been that at this point they took the cash & card and left the wallet inside auto. So finally the wallet was back in action minus the cash (some 300 bucks, chillad is still there!). Ganesha i carried in wallet is missing in action. It was given by a friend when she went to Mumbai. They would have taken it thinking it is silver but it was just an ordinary metal but they have left the silver laxmi coin :), the vibhuti packet given my FIL is gone :(, i hope that those pick pockets get some sense of spirituality with that vibhuti. Abdul is the hero, who found it and was honest enough to call back and give the wallet. Oh yes, the mystery of finding out the number, my parlour’s membership card on which my name and mobile number was mentioned! Kudos to that too!

So, the moral of the story as per Raj, I should stop giving such kind of surprises to him, well, i have travelled so much by local trains in Delhi and buses too, never this happened before! But then, there is always a first time 🙂

Poor Raj, i wanted that he should not run around in night, here he was running from pillar to post to find the lost wallet. My prayers have been answered, but i guess this is the first time that within 2 hours Bhagwaanji found time to act upon my plea :D………….so here is to the lost spirit which is found again and this spirit will keep alive all the faith :D…………….there are still some people who are honest, there is always a ray of hope and yes there can be happy endings in real life too, which inspire our movies 😀

P.S: As experienced & narrated by Divya (Ms.R)

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  1. Mr.R

    uffff ! What a day !

    Before u guys pounce on me why i shouted at her , well , I did not shout as much u wud have imagined .. It was more out of her concern and safety rather than loosing the wallet

    >>Huggies<< to my wife ! 🙂

    Oy ! So my wife let the cat out > The name of Mr. R :p

  2. colors

    Good that you finally got back your wallet. From lost to found, you took your readers with you on a journey to the wallet.
    liked the comic streak in the narration.

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