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From Bing to Red Cherry !

Microsoft is unleashing a new search engine to mark its presence in a market almost monopolized by Google.  Its to be launched next week and it is christened “Bing” . I really liked the name , quiet catchy !

So I googled to find more about Bing ! Seems like Microsoft has lots at stake in its soon to be launched product ! Along with Windows 7 , Microsoft must be betting a lot on Bing ! After all , Google is giving quiet a nightmare to Microsoft in this age of netted world . So will Bing be binged like Google is been googled  ?! We shall know it soon. Am quiet excited though ! I love rivalries and my gut feelings say Bing might be verbed-up just like Google got googled up . Well , it’s just my gut feelings and not out of any technical analysis .

So while I was googling on Bing , i came across a nondescript article talking about something called Red cherry . Clicking on it , the first word to catch my attention was “Madurai” Ok , Madurai is the temple town down south . So why was it quoted here in this tech site that i was viewing and what it has to do with this red cherry ? Soon I found that if all goes well , Madurai will be to AJ Square what Redmond is to Microsoft ! Yes , AJ Square consultancy is the company that has launched Red cherry – An aspiring rival to Blackberry. 

For more information on this read >> Blackberry gets Indian rival

What interested me about this whole Red Cherry news is the fact that here is an small Indian company not from the IT Capital of India , Bangalore or other tech savvy  metros of India but from a second tier city , relatively  unheard of in IT map and nurturing a Big dream . This kind of development  signals the real potential and depth of the rising India. The development should not be concentrated only on the expected centers but from across the length and breadth of the country to make a real impact and change . I am extremely happy to see that the seeds of that realness has started and over a period of time it will bring a fresh air of change – A change that would be highly positive for the growth of India.

I don’t know how much Red Cherry will be successful in its venture and dreams but what am sure is such seeds of dream will transform and propel India to glory. From product servicing we need to move real fast to product development . I am not just talking about IT but cutting across all fields of development.

Wishing Red Cherry best of luck !

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  1. Ratnesh its not difficult to make news these days..! i am going to start “yellow bananas” services 😛

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