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DMK – Dynasty of M Karunanidhi

The election results surprised everyone and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh , emerged stronger than ever before . With numbers in hand , he seemed to open his second innings as PM with more confidence , less interference from bullying , blackmailing regional small parties .

But life is not that easy after all , right ?

So the spanner was thrown in the otherwise seemingly smooth government formation by Congress’s old , trusted ally “ DMK ( Dravida Munetra Kazhagam ) the strong party of Tamil Nadu. DMK with 18 members wanted to extract its pound of flesh like in 2004 , forgetting the fact that Congress in 2009 is bit different from how it was in the previous 5 year’s governance.

So what we have ? A fight of egos , arrogance , and authority and power.

For DMK and its head M Karunanidhi , DMK now stands for Dynasty of M Karunanidhi. Daughter  Kanimozhi , Son M K Azhagiri , Grand nephew , Dayanidhi maran all have won the election and would have to be inducted in the new government. ( not to forget the CM in waiting , younger son M K Stalin , making it a complete dynasty party ) . If all three of them are inducted , there would be noises within party and from opposition for making a family cabinet in the centre at the cost of other candidates. So , he needs to induct other senior leaders like TR Balu and A Raja , who were ministers in the previous government just to make sure it is not just a family cabinet representing DMK. So it needs more cabinet berths , Simple.

For Congress , Post results have surprised itself and they definitely would not want to be bullied by other parties. Last five years was definitely a tough time for them , balancing the egos , ambitions , selfishness of their allies and managing the full term. With new confidence and mandate , they are in no mood to be bullied this time around too . So bowing to DMK , would give out a wrong signal to other allies. So DMK has to be checked , simple. After all , DMK government in TN is supported by Congress’s 35 members . So DMK would not make any extreme step to rock their government in state. Stalemate. That is what we have , with Congress having the upper hand , albeit little discomfiture.

DMK has decided to stay away from the government ( at least as of now when am writing this post ) Am sure , they would be now regretting the over the board tough stance they took and going in public very soon of their intention to stay out of government.DMK  would have been taken by surprise congress’s  tough stance.  After all , the good old wily politician that he is – Karunanidhi , sure knows what it means by being part of Government and staying out of it .

For Karunanidhi , Blood is thicker than party but for once , he failed to gauge the pulse of 2009 .

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  1. omsherryom

    Thank God that Congress Party had the no.’s. Can just imagine the fate a PM would have faced when he had to depend on smaller parties ! DMK should be packed to where it belongs. In the home of Dr M Karunanidhi ….

  2. simply61

    I think Muthuvel K will take whatever Delhi offers as he fears losing power to amma in the state..

  3. Lucky

    I wonder same…..sala pura india uske baap ka maal samaj kar rakha hei….The pity things we dont have any option other than DMK or AIDMK….that sucks….

  4. Rahul

    good one!…the politics of India is really bitchy, don’t you wonder that Mamata banerjee was expelled from congress but now congress has alliance with her !!no ethics !

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