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Tigers Extinct : Prabakaran Dead


The official news to come from Sri Lanka is that Vellupillai Prabakaran , the man who founded LTTE ( Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ) , the most feared , disciplined , focused militant outfit of the world , that fought Sri Lankan army for almost 3 decades.

With this , an era of blood and tears comes to an end .

Prabakaran was a ruthless man , single minded in his approach for his dream of separate Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka , even if it meant to eliminate all his opponents within his own Tamil community as well as from Sri Lankan political and military sides.

People may hate him or love him but one cannot deny a fact that he became legendary in his own right.

The difference between a Terrorist and freedom fighters are diminished , post 9/11 and there are many tactical mistakes that Prabakaran made that made him branded a Terrorists by world community including India. So Prabakaran dies as a Terrorist . He would remain a Hero for the vast Tamil Diaspora , for the only reason he fought for their elusive homeland to revenge for their tears , blood , sufferings , pain , anguish . Its not for the means with which he went about his dream but large number of Diaspora would be remembering  him for his guts to fight Sri Lankan Army who shamed them , humiliated them by depriving their basic rights.

A Prabakaran could be killed but unless Sri Lankan Government restores the confidence and the rights of Sri Lankan Tamils , there could be more Prabakarans to be born because Prabakaran is a by product of the problem and not the problem in itself to end.

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  1. Sathan

    All problems are not due to Sri Lankan government.
    Those are due to english ruling for more than 100 years.
    If Prabhakaran used his leadership skills to eradicate those problem with Sinhala people without thinking about seperate state he would be hero. Sri Lanka would be a paradise.

  2. omsherryom

    Prabakaran is a terrorist. Infact anybody who takes on arms for the lust of power and kills his opponents is a terrorist. Be it the LTTE or Talibani they are all anti-people. They work in the garb of humanity and rights. Prabhakaran’s death should come as a relief to war strife Tamil population in Sri Lanka. Hope they now move towards peace, prosperity and safety. Any effort to eugolise LTTE chief should be discouraged as they may effect perverse minds in taking up arms and ending in killing those they claim to fight for. Have no sympathy for LTTE commanders . remember they killed Rajiv Gandhi and caused largest no. of casualities in a war to Indian Army

  3. Mr.R

    @ Om

    As i mentioned , Prabakaran is not the problem but a by product of the problem. There is a lot of lessons to be learnt by even India , with terrorist organisation we face . We have to look at the roots of the problem rather than just fighting people like Prabakarans. People like Prabakaran will keep emergin if we ignore the fundamental problem.

  4. john peter

    Prabakaran is a genuine freedom fighter who has sacrificed his life, family and future for the liberation of the Tamil homeland. He has taken forward the aspirations of the Tamils so far. The fire he has generated in the minds of the Tamils all over will ignite the spirit of Freedom for a home land.
    He lives and will live on

  5. Cyril Das

    Prabrakaran is freedom fighter who fought a valiant battle for the tamil people. He was armed and trained by the India – who opposed sri lanka opening its port of trincolmalee to america and the 7 th fleet during the cold war. India used the LTTE to further its stratergy in opposing the sri lanka govt at that time. When it no longer served its purpose they abandoned them and sent the indian army to fight LTTE.

    Jai Ho Prabakaran – long live many more Prabakaran will be born to liberate the Tamil land of their forefathers.


    Cyril Das

  6. Aravinthan Ganesan

    The flame ignited by Prakaran should continue to burn until a Tamil Kingdom is born. There will be no reconcilliation between tamils and the sinhaleese. After years of fear and humiliation, tamils had a leader who would stand up to sinhala dictatorship. Prabakaran was a true freedom fighter who understood the plight of the tamil people and single mindedly fought to achieve his dream of tamil Eelam. The sinhaleese are rejoicing that this is victory is against the tamils(this includes some tamil traitors). Prabakaran was forced to take up arms and I promise the sinhala goverment and the bikkus will make sure there will be many more “Prabakarans” will be created by their inhumane acts.
    Tamil state and liberation from the clutches of the sinhaleese will happen one day.


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