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TGIPB – Part 6 : The Sho(e)cker !

The aim was wrong but the message was loud and clear. For the calm and polite Chidambaram , it was a press meet he would not forget and would be in public memory for a long period and for senior Journalist Jarnail Singh , it was a moment of

The smell of shoe was just a reaction and the original foul play smell started with CBI giving clean chit to Jagadish Tytler and Sajjan kumar in the Anti-Sikh riot of 1984 . What a timing ! With the election round the corner , probably Congress wanted to drive a point that they have untainted hands . It’s an unfortunate fact that CBI is reduced to a mere tool in the hands of ruling governments to twists and turn the facts for their convenience. Even if CBI gave a clean chit , Congress party who claims to be the guardian angel of secularism in India , should not have given LS tickets to Jagadish Tytler and Sajjan kumar , respecting the sentiments of the Sikh population. But does anyone listen ?

I heard some people say “ Pen is mightier than shoe " and what Jarnail Singh did was condemnable .  Well , I agree that as a citizen of democratic nation , it was condemnable act but having said that let us also think from the other perspective. How effective would Jarnail Singh would have been , had he wrote an article in news paper condemning the CBI verdict and allowing the two person to contest election ? Few people would have read or even many but it would not have made any difference.

So it required an intentionally misaimed shoe missile to bring the issue to the mainstream and public conscience . Hope congress learnt its lesson and at least mend its mistakes and withdraw the candidature of Jagadish tytler and Sajjan Kumar.

  • At the end of the episode , both Chidambaram and Jarnail Singh won my appreciation though . When I say Chidambaram , I meant Chidambaram as a  person and not  a congress man.
  • I really appreciate the way PC regained his composure swiftly and asked the journalist to be evacuated gently. He did not file any complaint and the journalist was freed within one hour .
  • Jarnail Singh for the calculated act knowing the risk involved . He did regret his act later  saying the issue he raised was right but the method of doing was wrong  but he did made his point loud and clear. He is a senior journalist and he did came out as a hero.

Minutes after the incident , I was telling couple of my friends that Akali Dal will grab this opportunity and would  offer Jarnail Singh LS seat and they did offered ! Politicians !!

Lallu Dozer :

There was another story that developed few days back , when Lalu prasad yadav joined this election season’s elite “ foot in the mouth club " of politicians gone berserk with mindless talk .

If I were the country’s home minister , and if Varun had sait this , then I would have run a roller over his chest , and thought about the consequences later

– Lalu Pradad Yadav

Well , Mr. Yadav , is their any difference between you and Varun now ? Nah.

Amar Singh’s Googly :

Well , Amar Singh tested a googly on his own party chief Mulayam Singh , when he threatened to quit the party protesting Mulayam’s bias for his rival Azam khan. This outburst came as a surprise for me because I always thought Amar Singh had the remote of Mulayam Singh.  That Amar Singh soon made a statement that he would rather leave the world than leave his party is another typical filmy dialogue so typical of our politicians !

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  1. omsherryom

    I heard some people say “ Pen is mightier than shoe ” and what Jarnail Singh did was condemnable . Well , I agree that as a citizen of ….
    Jarnail may have written the article, but would the media house he was working for, or for that any other media would have dare to publish an ’emplyee’ view…No, the media is ‘congressised’ at the moment. It is commercial business as any other industry. It needs govt. policy support to grow, survive and mint money.

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