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TGIPB – Part 3 , Secularism – As in Indian Politics.

The meaning of Secularism takes a whole new meaning when it comes to the dictionary of Indian politicians.

BJP ( Bharatiya Janata Party ) is labeled a right wing hindutva communal party by the oppostion parties. They are supposed to have an “agenda” representing only the majority hindu population. They are treated as divisive party because of their saffron affluence. The whole campaign of the so called “secular” parties of India revolves around the notion that BJP is anti – secular because of its Hindutva leanings.

So the parties join together , forge alliances to retain the power all in the name of safeguarding the nation from the anti secular party ( read : BJP) . Good so you think the political parties opposing the BJP are truly secular in nature ?! wait read ahead to couple of  interesting facts.

  • Congress , self confessed  champion of secularism , happily aligns with IUML ( Indian Union Muslim League ) , Kerala Congress ( representing the Christians )
  • Communists party ( the other major self styled guardian of secularism in India ) have no qualms aligning with the right wing Islamist organization , NDF.
  • BJP is accused of being communal on account of  Gujarat riots. Let me make clear am not supporting the Gujarat riot. Gujarat riot is a highly condemnable incident . What baffles me is , BJP is time and again villified for the Gujarat riot by congress and other so called secular partied , In that contexct how does Congress became a “holier and secular ” party when it is solely responsible for unleashing a brutal massacre against Sikhs in Delhi soon after Indira Gandhi’s assasination ? Why does Congress is atoned of its sin conveniently  but BJP is villified again and again ?

So it makes me wonder if it only becomes anti-secular in India ,  if a party has leanings towards Hindu mindset ?! And it becomes a secular force if we align with right wing parties of non-Hindus ?!

Well …… As far as Indian Political dictionary , it seems so.

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  1. Mr.R

    @ Shakti

    You can’t find any ideal party .. its better to chose the lesser evil party according to each one’s opinion 😀

  2. Rahul Bagga

    hehe…dilemma !! i found link to your blog from xxxx community on xxxx of which i am member too !! and yes I am also in such dilemma…but let us decide on lesser evil…before I or you are ready to create something with no evil

    Hi ! mate !
    P.S > Sorry for editing your comment and hiding the community name , just to maintain a bit of privacy 😉 dont mind.

    – Mr.R

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