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The Quest for Blood

“ Be a blood and organ donor. All it costs is a little love.”

Well , I would have never disagreed to the above words but then to frankly admit , I never realized the seriousness and importance the statement too -  not until last few months.

Life changed since my dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma . We need to check his hemoglobin level every month and if it falls below 8 count , he has to be administered an unit of blood. Last three months , his count fell below 8 . His blood group is AB negative ( AB –ve ) . Rarest of the 4 blood groups.

First month , when the doctors said we need blood. We checked with all blood banks but we got negative answers. Being a rare blood group , it was not available. We searched the nearby towns too without any success. First month we needed two units. Luckily we got one unit from a town 70 kms away from my native. We send someone to collect that one unit. Then came a person , who said he could arrange AB negative blood from another person. He demanded 300 Rs fee for his service ! Blood broker ?! The person whom he got demanded Rupees 1800 for one unit !!! We had no choice but to pay.

Second month . We needed one unit of blood again. The search continued . Again no blood in the banks. Then someone told about an Auto rickshaw driver who donates blood. My brother  dialed him. He came down immediately. Gave one unit of blood. My brother was relieved . He asked him about his charge. He looked at my brother and smiled. He refused even a penny not even the expense he would have incurred to come down. For him giving blood costs only a little love. A little love from his part that filled our hearts and life into my father.

Third month. Again our search for one unit of blood was futile. The guy who charged Rupees 1800 in the first month , came and gave one unit . This time he raised the amount to Rupees 2200 . Well , for some blood is a commodity to be traded.

My brother and me realized the importance of blood. Someone was in need of blood few weeks back and my brother volunteered to give his blood . We know the importance of blood now. The family members of the patient to whom my brother gave blood where so moved with gratitude that the woman almost touched my brother feet out of emotion.

All I would like to tell the people who read my this blog is , Do volunteer to give your blood , It costs only a love and it saves lives .

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  1. Andy


    My name is Andy and my uncle was recently diagnosed with Stage III Multiple Myeloma. I wanted to do something to help him and others like him, so I created which is a forum 100% dedicated to Multiple Myeloma. Please take a moment to sign up, let people know about it, and if you like the place please place a link on your blog to us.



  2. Ashwin Baindur

    Dear You, me, we and us,

    Great topic to post on. Great post!

    Both my wife and me realised in life that we were in a manner of speaking blood factories and that we could easily shed a few drops of blood for our country every few months. At first we registered ourselves as donor on call at Red Cross Bareilly but were not troubled for next nine months. Then suddenly one day I got a request for my B negative blood and responded happily. Unfortunately, I was then approached the same week twice again. My telling the people that I had donated already was taken to be the classic Indian ruse for getting something on the side i.e. raising the price so to say.

    Since then I have stopped this on-call business and donated regularly every three months and my wife every year straight to a blood bank sometimes that of the Red Cross and sometimes that of the Army. In this way at least more blood of the best kind – healthy middle class vaccinated disease free blood – was pumped into the system.

    Recently, a blood disorder (unrelated to my blood donation activities) has led to doctors advising me against donating again but the moments of going and giving blood my wife and I cherish in our memories like medals.

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