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Delhi 6 – One movie two reviews

delhi-6My Wife’s Review :

Finally! I have watched the song “Masakkali” on the big screen, well it looks good on that screen! Yeah we watchedDelhi 6 today!The cast is very very impressive. All good actors and big names, Waheeda Rahman still beats the youngsters not only in acting but looks as well. Its good to watch her breaking tobacco on screen and chewing pan (beetle leaf). Abhishek Bacchhan, Sonam Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Om Puri and the list goes on. There is no such impressive story but the concept is good. The movie opens to a morning Delhi and starts weaving it around the characters instead of characters replicating the story. The movie traces the journey of abhishek bacchan in the Delhi City as he is born and brought up in US. So he is there with his dadi ma 🙂 and the journey starts of the gullies of delhi. So you have both hindus and muslims residing side by side and u can feel the bliss of the city,the first half is really good, in the sense u just smile and and let urself lose while relishing the jalebis, the next door neighbours who will come at the drop of hat. A typical mohalla is shown and then there is a kala bandar (not sure how many of us remember the Black Monkey incident). But this incident forms an integral part of the movie. So you find two brothers who are fighting with each other and they live in the same house partitioned by wall. But there wives are best of friends, a sis-in-law who is of marriagble age and so is the daughter and so on and so forth. The songs are good, and yes there is a ramlila also happening and its fun to watch. So first half goes in the introduction of characters, a hero who is discovering India, a heroine who calls hero Burgerchap and who wants to be indian idol and a policeman, a character called Gobar, a sweeper and list is never ending.

Comes interval and the story takes a turn and there is one event – Kala Bandar which brings it on. And you find the story becoming serious. A girl who wants to run away as her father doesn’t want her to go Mumbai, a photographer who is a two timers type, a hero who is American born confused desi, a fat man who was hero’s father friend etc, all thrown together. As the story unfolds, there is a hindu muslim conflict reason being as each believes that the Kala Bandar is from opposite community. Caught in the midst of is our hero who wants to stay back (as he realised he is Indian), he has fallen in love with Bittu Sharma (well my nick name is also the same) and he wants things to set right. So on and so forth! The movie ends with hero trying to stop the heroine from running away from home and to do this he wears the Kala Bandar dress and due to this he is beaten blue and black and even gets shot! But then alls well that ends well! He is alive and in his home India.

Over all rating – Music good, starcast couldn’t have been better, storyline is also fine but there shud have been a balance as i assume that the viewers’ find it tough to handle the sudden change of storyline from fun to serious. Please go to theatre and watch it if u really wanna have fun and enjoy it.

My Review :

Well the promos of the movie , the director who gave one of my favourite movie – rang de basanti , the name Delhi – 6 , mazakali song , my wife’s favourite actor abhishek bachchan all put together made me book the ticket for the movie today.

The movie started with the dadkan of Delhi . We have the NRI ABCD who makes his visit to India along with his granny. The first half of the movie revolves around the mohallas of Delhi-6. The bylanes , countless characters, the bustle and chaos of the city . hindus and muslims living happily. , the mosques , temple , Ramleela ..  I think its high time directors think beyond Ramleela when they decide about plot in delhi. Its over done. The once infamous monkey man also plays a major part in the movie.

So the first half moves effortlessly cause there is no story at all. We have the delhi – 6 locality introduced. The inumerous characters introduced but the story not thought about . Suddenly it feels the director realises that intermission time has come and he has to weave in a story and he has the baggage of Rang de basanti weighing on him. So Rakeysh mehra resorts to the time tested but always in handy hindu muslim issue . So the mysterious but unseen monkey man brings a bitter environment between the two sides. We have a saffron clad poitician woman  jumping into the fray ( I bet Rakeysh mehra was inspired by Pragya singh ) The heroine tries to run away from home with a help of a tricky photographer to escape the proposed marriage and to chase her dream of winning Indian idol . Our hero tries to stop her ,  gets mistaken for the monkey man , gets shot and suddenly the  figthing hindu muslim crowds realise their mistakes and gets change in heart. Hero is taken to hospital by the crowd forgetting their enemity. End of the movie. Oh ya someone also gives the message that the real monkey man is within us. Thank you .

The director seems to be constrained under self pressure , clueless how to better the path he has charted for himself with Rang de basanti. End result : Confusion. There is too much of characters , too much of bits and pieces and a kichidi of not good proportion. First half was light and hallow and second half hurried and bland.

Waheeda Rahman , Rishi kapoor , Abhishek bhachan , Sonam kapoor , we even have Amitabh Bachchan as God  , Prem chopra and countless other characters. The performance of the artists are good . Waheeda Rahman acts with ease and its graceful. Sonam kapoor is unconventional by bollywood standards but brings in a freshness and something original in her that stands her out of the seemingly artificial and plasticky actors of current lot. Abhishek bachhan well he looks good , acts good but then someone also tell him that just his smiles won’t make his movies into box office hits.

AR Rahman’s ” Mazakali ” is already a chart topper and looks nice on screen too.

My Verdict : One time watchable , if you have enough of time to kill and no expectations.

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    hmmm.. I was thinking of downloading the movie from torrent, but your review make me think twice… better I will download some other English move….:d.

    I like songs very much especially Masakali, Dil gira dafatan, Rehna tu..therefore I was thinking of watching it…..but no more….

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