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House Sparrows : Missing in sky
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House Sparrows : Missing in sky

When was the last time you saw this lil’ birdie ?

male house sparrow

Probably long time back or most of you would have almost forgotten this little ones that used to visit our homes or at the most very rarely you would have sighted it.

When I was kid , house sparrows used to fly in thousand in the sky. It used to be a lovely sight to watch them zoom in the sky hundreds of them together. They used to make nest in homes , feed upon the left over grains in the backyards.. All that are history now.

They have considerably declined now especially in cities almost to the point of extinction. It’s very rare now to spot them in cities and big towns. There are many explanation given for the sudden decline of house sparrows.

  • Big city yet less livable space :  As the cities become concrete jungle , the sparrows are deprived of the nesting grounds. There are very few thatched roofs and the high-rise buildings are not the likings of these birdies.
  • Food, Food everywhere but lil’ to eat: Understanding the food pattern of sparrows gives us an idea for the disappearance of the sparrows in our city sky. Worms and insects are  the mainstay diet for the baby sparrows. One must be wondering with so much of garbage in cities , cities should be a buffet for the sparrows. Surprisingly , it’s not the case. Research have shown sparrows have hard time to feed their babies in cities. Reason ? Millions of illuminated light sources that invite and kill the flies and insects , which are the stable diet of the birdies ! Apart from this , sparrows belong to the domestic bird groups , means cohabit with humans. More and more packaged pulses, cereals etc across the counter in department store sounds alarm bell for the sparrow world ! Reason ? Less of spill overs for them to feed upon.
  • Towers in the sky:  There is a strong possibility and truth in the fact that the thousands of mobile towers and other electronic towers that dot our cityscape have effectively chased away the sparrows from our view. The radiation or the electric field have proved to be a nightmare for them and pushed them back to other safer pastures.

So combination of all the above facts have pushed our sparrows from our sky . This is a small instance of how our ecological balance has been abused knowingly , unknowingly , willingly or unwillingly but the long-term implication are yet to be felt … What is in a sparrow ? one may ask but a little birdie is a symbolical of a larger picture yet to come ….

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  1. Lucky

    oh god! I almost forgot such bird exist……in childhood I used to see a lot but no longer…thanks for bringing into notice……damn! this global warming…

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  3. Moulee

    There is a sparrow nest in our living room. No, its not one of my collections. An actual sparrow lives in it. Few weeks ago it hatched four eggs and last week the baby sparrows few away. The mother sparrow still lives in that nest.

  4. Monika

    yeah they are becoming so rare… the other day when we spotted one in my husband’s village house i was so happy to see them

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