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Passing on Strength

Jan 2 , 2209

My wife and me started to my native , which is some 700 km from Bangalore. Since yesterday night  , I felt my confidence , strength , faith all in tatters. We have not disclosed the fact that dad has been diagonised with multiple myeloma to parents.  I was worried a lot particularly about my mother . It would come as a devastating news for her. My brother had told me that by noon , he along with uncle and aunt would disclose the news to them. Till date , I was never bothered about me living 700 kms away from my home town but today I rued being so far away . I called my brother in between to check if they have informed the parents. He said not yet but would being doing so shortly. Once in middle of conversation , I broke down and hearing that he too cracked .

Around 3 ‘ o clock noon . Mom called.

She asked me ” Have you started ? Are you on the way ? ”

Her voice was Strong. Clear . Positive. I cannot describe the current that went through that gave me an immense strength . Here I was who was wondering till a minute back wondering how to give strength to my mom but now getting strength from her . The brief talk awakened me from gloom. It prepared me to take the road ahead even if its a difficult course.

I called back immediately my brother asking him have they disclosed the information to them ? He said yes. I asked how did they react ? He said initially they both showed no reaction. When they left them alone in their room , they got little emotional. My aunt and uncle talked them again for a while. Since then , they appear to be facing the turn of events strongly.

I reached my native next day morning . When I met her , there was no sign of tragedy of the events in their face. They talked to me as usual. I went out of the hospital room for a while to check something . When I returned , I found mom in silent tears . I hugged her. She was composed again.

The strength back in her and passing the strength again to me.

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