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Indian Idol 4 – Part 9

indian idolDecember 19 – December 20

December 19

Welcome to Indian Idol 4 !

Today’s gala starts with the promising Rajdeep who sings “Chaturanar” with a bald getup he makes us laugh and gets the applause !

Glamarous Priyanka sings “Mere Piya gaya rangoon” Voila ! sang pretty well !! Gets the full acclaim from judges !

Cute doll Sourabhee is next .. I cannot recollect the song lyrics . I won’t say she sang too good but kinda ok.

Kapil Thapa sings “Anda ka funda” with oiled looking gelled hair and a thick rimmed specs , his performance was good but his singing did not find favour with Javed Akthar and Sonali.

Prasenjit kamal hai ! Sang “Hum kale hai tu kya hua” . Sporting a hitler moustache and lungi and t shirt . His performance is nice and so is his singing.

Next comes Shini who sings “mein kya karoon ram” , except Sonali she gets bad review from rest of the judges.

Chota don Remo sings “Chak de pattey” When the original singer is in the judges panel , its a foolish idea to have chosen this song when you are not a great singer. I found it amateurish. So did the judges except Javed Akther.

Teacher Kuldeep got failed by all the judges in today’s  gala exam.

“Bindu re” wearing a dhoti sang Mohit  , gets bad review from Javed and Anu malik.

“Mera naam chin chin” and sang beautifully Bhavya sporting a chinese costume and look ! As usual got the good review of all the judges ! Infact , Anu raved it was the performance of the day !

Tosha sings  “Joot bole kawa kate” . Some how each time , i don’t like her dancing. She better refrains from dancing. As far her singing , it got bad reviews from all. I got it right , she too says she is not comfortable performing dance.

Last but not the least the tragedy king Bhanu comes crooning “yahooooo Koi Mujhe junglee Kahe” got bad review from Anu malik and other judges except Javed. Over all he could have done better.

My Pick of the Day :  Rajdeep , Bhavya , Priyanka , Prasenjit

December 20

Who is going to be eliminated today ?

Watch out. Already i heard a shocker news . Before I key the name here , i will wait till i watch it on screen. So lets wait a little bit more .

Rajdeep is in danger zone !!!! Beat it !

Mohit safe.

Remo safe.

Torsha safe.

Priyanka safe.

Sourbhee safe.

Kapil safe.

Kuldeep safe.

Bhanu safe.

Bottom 4 : Rajdeep , Bhavya , Prasenjit ,  Shini

Prasenjit and Rajdeep safe.

Today’s Shocker Elimination : Shini

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