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I , Common man of India , Speaking…

I am nameless , voiceless , defenceless . I am the comman man of India , collectively called. I speak 1,652 languages. I am Hindu , I am muslim , I am Christian , I am Jain , I am Buddhist , I am Zorastrian , I am even atheist , I am fair , brown and black. I practive many diversified cultures. I belong to various races . Even if I like it or not , i am forced to tag along many caste names. With all this diversities existing ,  my own common identity is am Indian.

I dont speak and at times when i speak it does not matter. None takes my words seriously. I am neglected mostly. I am abandoned mostly but do not have a wrong impression that am not powerful . Infact i weild mighty power but I am too absorbed in my personal affairs individually that collectively am weak in most matters. I build the nation. Like individual bricks , I toil silently , I sweat out , I dream big , our personal toilings collectively build the nation. Still I have no voice when i represent collectively as a common man of India. Strange isn’t it ?

I loathe the police . I fear them at times . I chastise them at times. Still when I see them lay their life for the nation , I share the grief silently. Why ? Cause there is a common man beneath those police suits. That common man arise at times to give his life for the nation without second thought. Be it an ordinary cop or the decorated officers. I can be seen in them.

The spirit of common man arises as a phoenix in the name of policeman , in the name of business man , in the name of professor , in the name of Jawan and many more profession . This spirit is what sustains my nation. The never dying , never given up , inspiring spirit of the common man of India ,  the resilent nature of the common man of india ,  the common man’s love of India , my dream of India is what makes my India tide away one more and one more and yet another crisis that it faces.

Still there is one section of me who fails me again and again . Its is the policians of India. Infact it is ironic to know that I , the common man of India , become a politician . Still once I don the political cap , I distance away from the common man within me. Call it a split personality. India will be a much better place if the common man of India still remain a common man of india when he becomes a politician. I , as ever optimist still believe it will happen one day.

I , Common man of India , is a dreamer , is an optimist to the core , I bear the pain silently , I may be wrong at times but mostly good at heart , I still know how to smile during most painful period , I still love my nation and shall always love my nation even if I feel neglected mostly cause India is not just a land but its the spirit of me , the common man of India.

For all those who try to kill me I want to tell something : India is in my spirit and the spirit never dies.

0 27 November, 2008 India Matters November 27, 2008

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  1. Afaque

    How similar we are… yet we have been told how different we are… same problems and same thoughts… We need to rethink and reevaluate certain things… Religion is just one aspect, why don’t we abandon being at extremes…

  2. Avanti

    U are so correct. But i think defination of common man is incomplete without this – I am the common man who gets charged up after any horrible incident but gets quickly discharged. I am the common man to forget things very quickly.
    I think this is where we lack.If we want to do anything we need to work on this.

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