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Dostana breaks the streak of stupid movies i watched oflate. The movie starring Abhishek Bachchan , John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra made my day . Its an out and out comedy brilliantly done.

The movie touches the subject that could be a taboo till some years back in India. When there is a serious discussion going on the homosexuality rights and recognition in India, the movie makes a wonderful take on the subject .It does not dwelve into the serious aspect of it but the gay subject is hillariously ventured into. The best part of the movie is it doesn’t make fun of gays not gets serious about it.

The movie is fresh . The movie made me laugh my heart out. The movie flaunts the body of John and Priyanka. Still its not sleazy or cheap. You love the characters. Its a laughter riot till the end. First time in the history of Indian movies , we have a gay kiss on screen ! You love it , belive me , Its cleverly done and you would enjoy it !

After the debacle of Drona , Abi jr should thank his stars for being cast in the movie. It would do wonders to boost his confidence and image. John Compliments him well . Till date in bollywood , we have only heroines to flaunt their body and in this movie , the director , Tarun Mansukhani has used the best of John Abraham’s body. Visual treat for female crowd for sure !!! Guys are not to be left alone . Priyanka looks hot and great !

The songs by vishal – shekar  are good. Chart buster “desi girl” rocks ! I wished they played it again !!!  ” Jaane kyon ” , “khabar nahi ”  is wonderful too. The title track “shut up & bounce ” is an eye candy with special appearance by Shilpa shetty who is again hot !

Bobby deol , Boman Irani , Kirron kher have done their part brilliantly . Boman Irani comes briefly as a gay boss and adds punch to the laughter riot !

The story revolves around the friendship of AB , John , Priyanka . One lie forms the whole story line and it makes the movie a blockbuster.

Parting shot : Highly recommended . Must watch.

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  1. Afaque

    well sorry to say but I didnt like it that much i was anticipating…
    i mean it was fun before the first half but after that it was kinda so cliche…
    Priyanka was hot definitely like always… n the guys were good too…

  2. Hellogoodbye AKA Butter AKA Lucky

    well, I don’t think this movie did justice to Indian audience. “I now pronounced Chuck” and Larry really suits western audience bcoz the gay subject was very well explored in earlier movies. But in India the gay subject still remains taboo.

  3. Hellogoodbye AKA Butter AKA Lucky

    Similar to situation when you cracks blonds, Jews, Mexican jokes to Indian audience. Audience instead of taking as humour take other way around. Just passing another stereotypes to audience.

  4. khurram

    Although it was a good movie, I don’t think it was bold enough to break the stereotypes. Infact, I believe the cliches have become more prevalent

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