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India's First Pet !!

The president – elect of USA , Barrack Obama along with his family is scouting for a pet dog to walk with them into the white house in January. In victory day speech , Obama had promised his daughters that they would get a puppy ! So atleast this one would be a promise definitely fulfilled. Its a tradition of US presidential household to have a first pet in white house !

So Americans are debating , discussing , arguing , wondering which breed type would be best for Obama family ! In true American way , there will be talk shows , debate shows , polls etc on the First pet !

Coming back to India am wondering about the idea of having First pet of India ! Considering everything is getting westernised these days , are we not ready for First pet in our Rashtrapati bhavan ? We better be. India being unique inspite of the rapid westernization throws up a complete set of new problems when we talk about First Pet.

As usual the problem would start with the breed. Unlike Americans who have just to pick the First pet among the many breeds available , we have many interesting but our own unique complications.

  • To begin with , Should the First Pet be a purely Indian native breed or can foreign pedigree allowed ? Obviously some section of people would vouch for Indian breeds like Rajapalayam , Caravan hound , Combai , Rampur hound , Kanni , Mudhol hound etc while other section of people will say breeds like Alsatian , Dobberman , Great dane , Daschund , Beagle , Pug etc should be allowed !
  • Ok even if settle with Indian native breeds . There will be problem in plenty of south indian breeds or north indian breeds ! So is it going to be Rajapalayam or Rampur hound ?
  • To complicate more we have Bhaiya Rampur hound , Madrasi Rajapalayam , Marathwada Mudhol hound !!! So choose any one and be prepared for brickbats !!!
  • Ok finally we settle somehow on one breed to make it to First pet but then we will have some NGO’s protesting against the concept of First Pet and crusading for animal rights ! We will see some celebrity writers , actors also jumping into the fray to protest and hog limelight !!!
  • Be prepared for some section demanding that street dogs should be adopted and not the high pedigree ones bought from kennel clubs !!!

Uffffs !!! So much of complication !!! Along with all this there will be security problems !!!

Damn it ! We don’t want First Pet of India !!! Sorry Americans , this is one thing we won’t borrow from you . We have so many other doggy issues to handle.

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  1. ratneshojha

    ha ha ..!!
    foreign breed is a no no. When we have problems in accepting Sonia who anyway is a human with sane mind staying in India since long, then who wanna open another can of worms by going for a foreign breed?

    and yes, the animal rights will get a major issue to hog the limelight for many months.

    But regarding north south and other regional issues wont make much headlines. We never had issues with who is appointed at high posts. We have had all kinds of people with no issues. So the dog wont have to worry.

    But you forgot to mention on more issue. What about dogs coming from Bangladesh 😛 illegal migrants dogs? That sure will create problems

  2. Afaque

    interesting light on how the subcontinent cultural and political and god knows which other system has been under influence since so long… we got to get out of it… aint we?

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