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A Little bit of Self Appreciation

November 1.

I just checked the tab for the post count for october month and it showed 32 posts !! I was like “wow” ! I had written on average a  post a day !! Coincidentally , today is Author’s day !! Infact I came to know that such a day exists just few minutes back only , when i was reading TOI newspaper.

On average a post per day is not that bad considering the fact that I started writing (typing ?!) my heart and lungs out only since september this year ! Ofcourse quality is what matters and not quantity but still it gives a bit of cheer to know that I have opened up my mind to write in a flow. All I want is to write on various subjects of my interest without any inhibition. I just want to write my mind out. Let my mind out. So far I feel am on a right track and hopefully will keep writing with a flow and not just for the sake of writing.

Meanwhile thanks to all those who take time to visit my blog . Special thanks to those who comment on it periodically. Many thanks to Lucky aka butters , Sambitesh , Muddlehead , Nitin and rest who cheer me up with their comments. Last but not the least my wife deserve a special mention , if not for her love and kind , I won’t have the peace of mind to write all these pieces of topics and ya I want her to co author this blog in future !!! Let me remind her again through this topic !!!!

My next self appraisal will be on Jan 1 , 2009. Till then will try my best to write my heart out with a flow . Keep patronizing me , keep commenting . Love you all. Take care.

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  1. Hellogoodbye AKA Butter AKA Lucky

    32 post/month….wow!!!

    Wife’s Sari and my BP is top in my list for very innovative topic.

    Next comes chandrayaan for doing good research and homework.

    My Secret Desire – I like this too dont know for what reason.

    the one which is down in my list is – indian idol. sorry I hate indian idol and anu malik too much for me.

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