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There is no true religion but only true followers

The claim of True religion is a fallacy. If any religious person claims his/her religion is the true religion and rest are false , he/she is sure living with a false ideological perception.

There is no true religion but only true followers. The souls are wanderers. Some souls dont believe in God , Some believe in God. Those souls who believe in God find shades under different trees i.e , religions. Some souls are born in the same tree , while some souls fly to different trees which they find suitable for them. The concept of God is the same in all religion only the means of worship is different. So if God is the supreme being and each religion talks about God , obviously the God they talk is the same its only that the means to reach Him is different.

Trees give shade and many other benefits. Each Tree nourishes all those who nest in them. The name of the Tree could be different but they all serve some purpose to those associated to them.

Even Atheism is a Tree that gives shade to some wandering souls. I dont think a God will get angry if a Soul don’t believe in Him. If an atheist does the duties in life well intended and without harming other people , An atheist will be dear to the God.

Am I sounding philosophical ? Well , This piece of article was in draft section for weeks now . I just thought of publishing it. I have no idea in what frame of mind I was when i wrote it but going through it now , I like this article. What you say guys ?

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  1. Sambitesh

    to explain gravity, Newton had to develop entirely new branch of Mathematics called “Calculus” ….. so we can see how difficult it is to present truth in unambiguous terms. Don’t they say mathematics is the language in which God wrote the universe 🙂

    No one can say ” hey this is my holy book and it contains absolute truth” because Sanskrit latin Arabic are not fit to describe the absolute truth, … the thing which is closest to absolute truth in my opinion is the Grand Unified Theory and the man who finds it out will be my prophet 😎

  2. Hellogoodbye AKA Butter AKA Lucky

    I am wondering what God-without-religion wud be called?? “SICKULAR God”??? asked Sambi to approve his membership in our chaddi community.

  3. Hellogoodbye AKA Butter AKA Lucky

    what wud happen if we took away religion, mysticm, dogmas, blind faith from God? are we ready to accept God without above things that serves no human interest? as we cud not imagine perfect world, we cud not imagine secular God.

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