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Hello is the movie adaption of best selling novel One Night @ Call center by Chetan Bhagat. Couple of months when i read the book , i though it would make a good bollywood story material. Well it should have been a good bollywood film but …… well some wishes shall only be wishes when we have no control over it.

Star cast : The problem with the movie had started right from the star cast. This is a movie that has no place for Salman Khan to begin with. The star has been roped in mainly to increase the saleable factor of the movie but it has definitely misfired. So is Katrina kaif. The director , Atul Agnihotri should have shown the confidence on the story rather than on the super star cast. Gul Panang and Isha Koppikar are again a misfit for the main roles. Sohail Khan , Sharman Joshi , Amrita Arora fits well into their roles. Sohail and Sharman steal the limelight.

Story Adaptation : The original story by Chetan bhagat had  lots of potential to make a neat bollywood movie. Director wonderfully manages to spoil a good movie. I wonder what is the need to cast Salman khan and Katrina kaif and then go overboard by having helicopter and waiting lounge to replace the original story line on train journey. Argh ! the introduction Salman khan song was a total dud. Unwanted to the core. The movie would have struck the chord with audience if it had been shot in train and with underrated actors replacing the star power. Alas ! this is bollywood and here people tend to believe in spending money on star power and glossy visuals .

The climax was rushed in . I feel it would bring a vaccum and something missing or lacking feeling in the audience when it ends. If you had read the novel am sure the feeling would be multiplied.

Only saving grace is Sohail khan’s funny acting and Sharmaan Joshi’s subtle performances. My wife found the tiny red devil symbolising the inner voice of Sharmaan Joshi interesting and cute. Well that is one spark of good innovation on the adaptation but unfortunately its the only good spark.

My Parting shot : Hello , Oh Wrong number.

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