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Father , Son and Elephant

This is a folk story from rural villages of Tamilnadu , India.

Son   :  Daddy , What is this ?

Father :  This is Elephant , son !

Son     :  But , what these people are doing ?

Father : They are killing it , my child

Son     : But … why they are killing the elephant ?

Father : They are killing the elephant , so that they can cut the ivory task and make elephant statues out of it “

Simple but powerful. Short but power packed. How neatly and crisply it riducles the acts of men !!!!

Am not going to  interpret the story. I leave it to you. Think about it , relate it to you , me , we , society in general , look around you , look at the world ……. find the meaning of the story from what you see in this world nowadays.

Do let me know…

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