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I admit it was a brave attempt on my part to watch the movie inspite of knowing the numerous reviews drowing the movie to blackhole. Still , I didnt expect it to be such a total waste. I was mentally prepared for a worst movie but something in me said that since I was aware of the multiple reviews boo booing the movie , I might find it not that bad after all.

So my wife and me sat for the movie. The movie started with comic strip introduction. I quiet liked it . Normally , I like fantasy genre movies. So I thought for a moment may be this would not be that  bad a movie. The high hope was short lived obviously. Abhishek please take acting class from Big B. He has one weird expression throughout the movie. May be he was wondering throughout the shooting why he signed the dotted lines for the movie. Kay Kay menon what a waste of a talent in this movie ! I heard it tool 50 crores to make Drona. I wonder if he is preparing a bailout demand after the movie release. The inspiration for Goldie behl ( the director ) is obvious from the movie. Speilberg , Fantasy novels , Fantasy video games all had given the Goldie behl an enormous self belief in making a bollywood movie on the lines of Indian jones , harry potter etc. Mr.Goldie , Inspiration is fine but then execution and planning is all important. More important is a good story.

Drona is outdated obsolete story . Outdated is not the right word. Worst possible bad story. A child can tell a better fantasy tale than this . One scene reminded me Takashi’s castle in POGO TV . Though i would anytime enjoy that better than this movie.

Pathetic story.

Pathetic screenplay.

Pathetic music.

Pathetic costume.

Pathetic acting.

Pathetic direction.

Childish. As i said earlier , a child can tell a better fantasy tale.

All that glitters is not gold. All the 50 crores cannot make a good movie. This is a perfect example of how we can make a stupid movie wasting crores of ruppes and time. When i say waste of time , its mainly waste of audience time.


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  1. Sambitesh

    Man, need I say that I agree with u like only a soulmate can 😛
    But my reasons to watch the movie were different, I needed to show this famous cinema hall of Jaipur- Rajmandir, to my cousins who were on their first visit to Jaipur …. and as ill luck wud have it, they were showcasing Drona.
    I wud like to add few more points to ur observation

    1)Priyanaka Chopra was more convincing in her action stunts than Abhisek Bacchan. Ab baby looked like a sissy with a sword in the entire movie.

    2)Now that unprofessional retard has hardly put any effort in this 50 crore movie … didn’t even care to shave off his stubble just to get a different look … worse I cud see that he has developed a paunch …. :X .. a super hero with paunch .. wtf !!

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