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Did i forget something ?

My memory is legendary. Notorious would be an apt work.

Let me narrate one sample incident. One day all dressed up to go out , i looked for my bike key. It was not to be found at the regular place. I searched in the tea table . It was not there. I searched the TV table . Key was not found. I searched in the chairs , tables , dressing table , cubboards , drawers , bedroom and didnt miss bathroom and finally the bike also ! The Key was simply missing. I finally thought ok i would have misplaced the key somewhere and thought of using the spare key and search the key later. When i was about to open the drawer for the spare key , i found my bike key !!!!! Guess where I found it ? It was in my left hand !!! All the time , i was holding the key in my left hand was searching it everywhere ! Can anyone beat this ?!!! If yes , let me know !

I have many episodes like this in my life. Remembering faces is a nightmare for me. Once , i had been to a department store , someone smiled at me . Desperately my memory tried to recall his face and identity but in vain. Neverthless , i smiled back at him. He started talking to me . I kept the conversation going on and back of mind and did all the possible recall option , trying to find out through the conversation who it could be. 5 minutes i spoke without able to find his identity. I dont know how i managed that conversation. The worst situations where this memory lapse really pinches hard is when a girl smiles and I keep wondering who that girl could be ! Sighs.

Only advantage i could figure out with bad memory is I dont nurture any hard feelings on anyone. Simply cause i forget any unwanted incidents that could have happened between others and me. If i have a fight with anyone , i cannot  nurture any ill feelings for long. I cannot remember whatever had happened. So next time , I meet that person I would know something had happened but the impact would have  subsidised coz I would have forgotten most of the things. So it would be more like starting fresh with blank slate.

My wife has an amazing memory ! Well , may be most of others have this ability but for me its one Amazing thing ! She can even recall the faces of her Pre Kg friends !!!! I wonder how that is possible !!!!! Overall , I have no complaints about my bad memory , even if I had any complaints , Sorry I would have forgotten it by now !!!

Ok am ending my topic now . Did i forget something ? If at all i remember later , i will update you.

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  1. muddleheaded

    lol…. oh my father always does it… like he is wearing his spectacles and he is often screaming on others that we always misplace his glasses… hahaha…

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