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Ok TATA bye bye Singur


So finally TATA have decided to pull out the Nano project from Singur, West Bengal. I rather expected them to make this decision much earlier. In fact, in first place, I wonder why they chose West Bengal of all states in India for their prestigious globally much awaited project.

Politics have scored over industry in west Bengal. Communists have finally tasted dose of their own medicine which they have used very effectively many decades now in West Bengal. Instigating the people, trying to be champions of the peasants, snubbing out industry all this were trade mark of red brigade but this time Mamta Banerjee effectively hijacked the formula from them.

The situation could have been amicably settled and the state would have got the nano cars rolled out from their plant and also a chance to position its place high up in the industrial map of India has been effectively spoiled just coz of selfish interests of the politicians and vote bank politics. For most Indian politicians and political parties’ compromise and sitting together to find an amicable solution means giving up their image in public.

Sadly Ego, Opportunism, Selfish interests, Divide and Rule, manipulations are the characterizations of current Indian politics.

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