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Singh is King – Crap ka king

Akshay Kumar is basking this days in his undisputed King of Bollywood tag . Sing is King , his latest adventure was declared hit . Good . The songs especially the title track and Jee karda was in my lips for a while now . Good . So i wanted to watch the movie  and finally this sunday decided to watch it . Expecting a good bollywood masala flick .

The movie started . I was stunned .

What is wrong with indian audience ? How can they make such a movie a hit ? If the movie has to be the yardstick of Indian movie goer’s taste – IT SUCKS BIG TIME .

Its supposed to be a comedy masala  movie  but sorry director Anees Bazmee , even if i force myself i cant laugh at the comedy tracks. Its big time crap.

Akshay you are a good actor , i dont deny . You have a good body , i dont deny . I even like your laughter . I wish you dont take your audience for granted in the upcoming movies.

As for Katrina , i simply liked her in Welcome and Namastey London and in this movie i wonder why the hell she was in the movie ? She has no screen presence to linger in mind , has a crappy role ( what else one can expect in a crappy story ) She is just forgettable . The much talked about the on-screen chemistry between Akshay and Katrina is just a dud in this movie. Sallu bhai , relax u dont have to get jealous about the on-screen chemistry between your girl friend and akky !!

Overall , the movie doesnt even worth a review . Instead of the diamond on the Singh is king turban , they could have done with a rotten tomatoe  ha .

My Parting Shot : Better Never (watch) than Regret Later .

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  1. Mr.R

    ” it’s about Aki, even if he comes on stage for 2-min, it will be hit. stupid ”

    – Yes , as long as stupids are there , such kind of movies will be hit :p

  2. indian

    oh great now u will decide what akshey should do,u should be doing sometyhing more productive in life rather than telling super stars what is good.
    such a crap blog

  3. Mr.R

    Oh here comes an die hard loyal fan !!!!! Bro , if something is black one can only call it black and not white to please someone , atleast thats what most of us do with the exception of some die hard fans like you who feel actors are God !!! :p

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