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A Wednesday

A Wednesday , I watched it this sunday , after the bloody saturday that Delhi witnessed. A movie i thought would be a regular bollywood style cops and terror story with some blood and violence thrown in . What i saw – took me by surprise .

Brilliant ! thats what i can say . There was no regular diets of bollywood masala and movies and unwanted glamour , no sub plots . Still the movie holds the grip of the audience and takes as by surprise in the climax . I was completely taken by surprise element in the climax. This movie is an example of how a good script and neat acting with a good phase can do wonders for a movie . Am not going to brief more on the story but just ask you all to watch the movie . Its a MUST WATCH .

Nasrudin shah , Anupam kher have acted naturally and understated but has brought out a brilliant stellar performance. The camera has done a neat and crisp take on the events.

Hats off to Neeraj Pandey for directing this movie !

Hope bollywood creates more movies of this kind .

0 15 September, 2008 Movies September 15, 2008

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  1. Hellogoodbye AKA Butter AKA Lucky

    I didn’t find movie as good as compared to hype. Any way the movie was different from regular bolly flick.

  2. Mr.R

    well … wat makes the movie stand apart is the climax. Till then u will tend to feel nothing great about the story line … anyways its a welcome change from the usual bolly masala flicks ..

  3. Hellogoodbye AKA Butter AKA Lucky

    yea it is….indeed welcome change. but it falls in same genre as RDB – taking law in their own hands.
    I find Mumbai meri jaan much btter than this.

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