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Rock On not Mock On !

Rock onWatching movie leisurely in Sunday makes a perfect weekend ! Atleast for a person like me who otherwise hate hanging out in malls , shopping streets etc on sundays . But the tragic end to a perfect sunday with movies and pop corn would be if  the movie we watch would turn to be a disaster !

So this sunday , i decided to watch Rock on ! Somehow when the promos of the movie came , i had a feeling this movie would be a dud inspite of its sleek look . I had a premonition that it would be all glitters and no substance . But boy ! i had to erase all those assumptions ! The movie definitely rocks ! A treat to watch !

The movie is part of the new out of box niche movies that occassionaly pops up from bollywood factory. The so called  multiplex crowd category ! Its so refreshing to watch such movies amidst the never ending releases of movies like Singh is king , welcome etc .

Farhan Aktar , Arjun Rampal , Purab , Kenny does a neat act  and my pick is Arjun Rampal . Again a surprise , as Arjun was never my favourite actor till date or atleast passed the grade of good actor in my views . So the point to learn for me , never underestimate a performer . Another refreshing cast is Jhalak Dikhla Ja winner Prachi Desai ! She is cute and lovely ! After fed up of seeing Ash , bebo , priyanka etc etc its nice to watch prachi on big screen !!!

Movie starts with the intro of the four main characters one by one and shuttling to the past memories . A band that would have created history but never took off . The band members split before they could find their ” magic ” and charts different courses in their life . They live a life with no soul in what they doing . Prachi stumbles on Farhan’s past days and brings together the four friends to recreate their “magic ” band. The “magic” lives for One performance but a small tragedy stops it at it . but the magic of friendship is brough back among their lives.

Verdict: A must watch movie.


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  1. Hellogoodbye AKA Butter AKA Lucky

    Didn’t watch yet. If get a chance will surely do. But songs really rocks….only Farhan voice, yuckkkkkk!!!!!!!

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