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Sensex – Rock n roll soniye!

BSE is proving to be Booming Sensex Entertainment. Its total Paisa Vasool for the investors for last few months and the party doesn’t seem to be stopping. When we feel the high is reached, it makes a jump again to the next high.

Today, I read that BSE is the world’s best performing stock market. Good news indeed! Hope all the economic indicators are green and go strong further and moreover it has a trickle effect down to the bottom section of the society. I would like to see education ratio do the BSE jump act in the coming years and government make a good effort on it. At the end of the day , still I strongly believe , whatever we have achieved so far is only cause of whatever investment we made in education sector in the past decades , even if it may not be of the scale China made , still its commendable and I wish more effort going into this segment.

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